Secretarial Work


At MyOfficeStaff, we understand the importance of secretarial tasks for a company. Therefore, we take care of all your secretarial data in line with the Companies Act.

It comprises – keeping registers, making resolutions and other important and compulsory filings with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Our team of in-house professionals includes – company secretaries, lawyers and other accounting professionals. As far as accounting and ROC compliances are concerned, our company secretaries are very good at it. With MyOfficeStaff, you can also avail a number of litigation services.

If you need any help regarding company formation, you can also get in touch with us. Our professionals are not only experienced, but well-versed with relevant areas. The best we can do for you is setting up – readymade firms and/or custom-tailored according to client-specific directions. We can also help you with creation of all types of legal bodies to help you form off-shore firms.

Apart from providing you with the knowledge of our skilled, certified and most importantly, punctual company secretaries to help you with both public and private limited firms, we also offer a number of corporate advisory services to various companies and its administrators to guarantee continous adherence to relevant legal requirements.