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We at MyOfficeStaff are your General Account Bookkeeper.
The concept of bookkeeping started out as an art. However, it has now evolved into a unique science that involves tracking a company’s economic transactions between individuals or businesses and keeping them for future reference. Bookkeeping includes all the inflows and outflows of a company and keeping them safe in the accounting books. The list of transactions include – purchase, sale, hire purchase, rent, lease, loan stocks, down payment and stocks.

MyOfficeStaff’s Services

• Complete back office accounting including US GAAP, IFRS compliance.
• Taking all the forms of accounting needs in account including preparing vouchers, accounting entries and maintaining documentations.
• Presenting monthly accounts by 10th of every month.
• Bank reconciliations.
• Maintaining accounting books and supervising accounting functions.
• Preparing financial documents like Income statement, cash flows and balance sheet in a monthly, quarterly and annually fashion.

Primary categories of typical account bookkeeping include –
• Assets
• Liabilities
• Owners’ Equity
• Revenue
• Expenses
• Gain or profit
• Loss
In order to run a profitable business every businessman needs to have a clear insight into the company’s monetary transactions at a given point of time. It helps in making informed decisions like promoting price, fabric costing, stock management, and miscellaneous expenses and so on. Government taxes, levies, marketing expenses, benefits to employees, incentive schemes, risk hedging etc, almost all these has some or other input from the balance sheet that’s derived from recurring accounting.
At MyOfficeStaff, our professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience to fulfill your accounting needs accurately, conveniently and legally.

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