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Value-added Bookkeeping Services – Specialized Reporting

  • Customer Reports: It helps you decide the most profitable and least profitable client for your company.
  • Employee Reports:It helps you study employee expenses along with year-end reports.
  • Break-up of Expenses:It helps you minimize your expenditures by category, be it via product line, region or workplace, you get to have a deep insight on your expenses.

In line to today’s cut-throat competitive market, financial reporting has become very important for every business, big, medium or small. It’s important because it helps you access your financial performance and understand how much progress your company has made during a given financial year.

Team up with MyOfficeStaff and get high quality and cost-effective financial reporting services by experienced and well trained financial consultants. We prepare each and every report with high precision so that you can get a clear picture of where your company or brand stands. With MyOfficeStaff by your side, you can make informed business decisions about future prospects of your company.

Our list of services include

  • Preparing income statements : A typical income statement includes a summary of costs, expenditures and revenue collected over a certain period of time. This time period is generally a financial year or quarter. A well prepared financial report provides you with an insight to your company’s capabilities to get good ROI (Return on Investments) by minimizing expenses and maximizing returns. An income statement is among the most important documents for a company.
  • Monthly income statements : These documents are prepared to get an insight of the latest time period. As the name suggests, these are prepared separately for every month.
  • Balance sheet: This document lists a company’s net assets, equity and liabilities at a particular date. It is one of the most important financial documents for a company.
  • Cash flow statement: It is a record of your company’s cash flow transactions. It includes transactional information like investments, finances and operations. It also includes a company’s starting and ending cash balances and the uses as well as sources of cash for a specific year.
  • Bank reconciliation report: It reads information about a company’s cash balance on its books on a particular date. This statement reconciles the balance with the figures displayed on your company’s bank statement.
  • Detailed general ledger report:This statement presents all the activities of a company for a given month.
  • Business analysis report: It includes financial information derived from the income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. This data is very important for calculating the key performance metrics. With the help of this report you can also fathom the financial performance of your company.
  • Financial analysis report :This report is used for tallying the balance sheet between current and previous month. It includes changes in assets, equity and liabilities.
  • Operation analysis report: This statement includes expenditures, costs and sales by category. The amount of gross profit as well as the percentage of gross profit is exhibited for each type of sales and expenses. This report also shows the information related to a particular month for comparing the same between current and last years.

Apart from the above mentioned services, with MyOfficeStaff, you can also get seamless management reporting services, sales and sales tax reports and purchase reports.