Direct Tax


Everyone who earns above a certain and specified income limit is bound to file income tax returns. At Myofficestaff, we make sure that all our clients are well-informed about the related deadlines and terms and conditions. Our tax return services are designed for companies, individuals, trusts and estate schemes to eliminate all kinds of hassles and risks associated with filing income tax returns incorrectly.

Time plays a very important role when it comes to filing tax returns. Therefore, we serve as your alarm clock and remind you of the due dates and the potential tax liabilities from time to time.

Tax planning services

Generally, most of the people feel that they are paying too much tax, which is often the reality. With our tax planning services, you can actually increase the bottom line of your business. We work in close association with our clients. This helps us get acquainted with the opportunities for saving their hard-earned money via smart tax planning while adhering to the tax laws.


Our services encompass all types of taxes that can impact business while keeping an important thing in mind that – tax is a business cost that needs effective management. Our main objective is to help our clients minimize their tax liabilities. Working with our tax consultants can help our clients with a well-defined tax planning strategy.

Bulk Income tax returns filing

 We do file the Income tax returns in bulk for employees of an organization.

 Capital gain tax

 Do remember, circumstances can change anytime. Sometimes it might necessitate the disposal of assets. It can lead to exposure of the capital gain. However, with our proper planning you can get eliminate or reduce your tax liabilities.

Guide to Basic Income Tax