Service For Small Business

Small business houses often encounter different issues when it comes to growing their business and coping up with inflation. Once popular with only large businesses, outsourcing of non-core business processes, like bookkeeping, is now being widely accepted by small businesses, as well.

MyOfficeStaff has been offering impeccable bookkeeping services to a number of companies from all over the world. With our company, you can not only be able to reduce your expenses, but also improve the financial performance of your company.

Myofficestaff Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses Includes –
Financial statement preparation services – Preparing, maintaining and updating financial documents is crucial for small businesses. It is made compulsory by the companies act. Moreover, these papers are demonstrations of the financial health of your company. Outsourcing this task saves both your time and money. Our services encompass – preparing profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, trail balances, balance sheets and analyzing financial statements.

  • Accounting Services – Teaming-up with Myofficestaff can help you run your bookkeeping operations cost-effectively. We are experienced and trained in dealing with accounting functionalities of small businesses. We use advanced technologies like Netsuite, QuickBooks, Sage, Intuit, Quicken and Peachtree to render high quality work.
  • General Bookkeeping – Most of the entrepreneurs start small. Probably, you too have been there. Bookkeeping is that task that has to be there in your business processes, whether you like it or not. We at MyOfficeStaff can help you get rid of the same as we can meet all your bookkeeping requirements. Our general bookkeeping services include – maintaining ledger book, preparing cash flow documents and account settlement.
  • Account Cleanup – In order to keep a track on your expenditures and cash flows, maintaining book of accounts properly is very critical. Bookkeeping operations need experience and swiftness, especially at the end of the financial year and tax seasons. We offer both. Our services include – tallying various account items with the actual expenditures and cash inflows, categorizing items accordingly and deleting inactive transactions.

Why Outsource Bookkeeping?
• Bookkeeping needs dedication and accuracy. If you hire in-house professionals, it might cost you more. However, outsourcing provides you with virtual professionals who offer quality, speed and cost effective services.
• Bookkeeping service providers understand issues related to small businesses, like tax seasons. Hiring one will take away your stress at that period of time as the professionals know how to handle things effeiciently.
• An outsourcing service provider like MyOfficeStaff is your financial arm. With us, you can shift your focus from financial matters to other important issues like increasing your customer base.
• With MyOfficeStaff based out of India, you can leverage the benefits of the time-zone. Our professionals will update your account books and send it to you the very next morning.